Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's funny 'cuz it's true

What did one Dead Head say to the other when the drugs ran out?

"This music sucks!!"

I just had to listen to two studio discs and thirteen live discs by the Grateful Dead, including three complete shows from 1990 that I went to. I wanted to shoot myself. While they may have been fun to see live, listening to the shows was pure torture. And contrary to traditional Dead wisdom, I actually enjoyed the studio albums and wished that I still had more of them. A friend of mine once said (talking about cocaine) that any drug that could make disco seem good was not ok. The same can be said about the various drugs that made the Dead seem ok.

Other things
This Sunday, July 15th, the Listening Project will be one year old. It looks like I will be right at the end of "G" for the anniversary.

Coming Soon: About a month ago I started to write a blog about Sage Francis that I never finished/posted. Since I am seeing him live tomorrow I will finish and post that blog soon.