Monday, October 8, 2007

The good Judge Robert presiding... (pt. 5.7 of 5)

(Hey man, I'm a Douglas Adams fan, I know how many books are in a trilogy ;-)

The oughts.
(or: When PRO-gressive becomes RE-gressive)

The first post-Bruford Crimson disc, The ConstruKction of Light seems to say "Hey, we were cool back in '74!" Even to the point that a couple of the songs are updated version of pieces from that era. The ep Happy With.... seems to start things looking up again, but is nowhere near as mind blowingly different as VROOM was. And finally, The Power to Believe, while being the best of the three, is not going to be making it into my heavy rotation anytime soon. At this point "danger" seems to be just a well defined setting on a rack of effects. That being said, I wish I had seen them on that tour and would certainly go see them any time.

Perhaps Prog Rock is like Punk Rock in that if you become too good at it the music loses the chaotic edge that is essential to its definiton.