Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The good Judge Robert presiding...

Contemplating the confusion of my epitaph
I dream in Mellotron
visions of Buffalo 66 dancing in my head
I have safely landed in the court of the crimson king

Perhaps when I'm done I'll have enough discipline to make an actual post.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Random bits in reverse alphabetical order

How to act like a thirtysomething year old asshole.
Take one (1) (out)dated disc you used to love as a teenager, like oh I dunno say, the Judgement Night soundtrack, crank it to eleven (11) and a) sing along, b) dance around, and/or c) generally rock-out like it's the freshest thing you've heard since Bring The Noise. Guaranteed to make you feel like a jerk. (though I did enjoy it...)

Brian's on line one....
I've often stated that Brain Eno is a major influence on my music, but sometimes even I forget how far this goes. Listening to the Eno produced James album Wah Wah the other day reminded me that I lot of my sound and texture choices are based on sounds and textures from Eno albums.

Oh, but for a few hours
At the end of March of this year I went down to NYC for a few days. Before going down I looked into things to do and found that Andrew Hill was playing the day I arrived. I got there at around 6pm only to discover that he played at 2pm that day. Three weeks later he died. I very much enjoyed listening to the few Hill albums I have and wish, wish, wish I had made it to the city a few hours earlier that day.