Monday, October 6, 2008

A list, a bird, a days listen

Today I started Charlie Parker. I have 3 CDs, 5 discs worth of digital, and an LP, and started with the digital on my walk to work. Once there my boss told me that it was "oldies day" and I got to pick. What this meant was having about 150, mostly classic rock greatest hits discs to choose from. He was really just throwing me a bone because he knew I was going to end up staying open to close. Be that as it may it was still like blessed relief from the norm. The list starts with his selection, and eventually is taken over by the assistant manager. I bet the astute among you can figure out where DJ-ship starts to change.

Van Morrison
Grateful Dead
Dire Straights
Buena Vista Social Club
the Police
David Bowie
Led Zeppelin
No Doubt
Bob Marley
the Who
Now 7
Sheryl Crow

Then some more Bird on the way home, followed by Sun Ra & Eno records.

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